Repairtech | Terms and Conditions

How exactly we fix your device just before delivering it from the service center? Before submitting your device with us, please do backup all the information and remove any confidential, proprietary and private info. If needed the device will be factory reset as part of the repair process. Guarantee of the product varies according to the parts that are repaired or replaced! Please have the Following info available while contacting our Executive:

Will the service center offer partial restore?

Be aware: components need not get included while sending your phone for Service unless of course, the attachment is related to the issue you are facing with your device. Please make the Customer services team aware if you intend to ship some accessories. Our repair center never does any kind of partial fixes. Following a diagnostic test, any faulty defective or element material detected will need to be replaced solely. A quote for fixing will be sent to you via email/Call. You are expected to pay the quotation upfront before the apparatus will be repaired and returned to you personally.

If the issue is not solved/fixed, then you can contact our Technician for detailed info regarding the following concerns. Before accepting the product our service staff will evaluate, whether the gadget can be accepted to be repaired or not. All the basic info regarding the issue will be provided by our service executive while accepting the product. In case if Repairtech fixed or Replaced the product, then the warranty of the product lasts till 3months* from the date of repair or placement, whichever is longer and based on product*.

Will my data be deleted in the repair center?

Please do backup all your data before submitting your device. Devices with liquid/water damage, Board issues, Network Issues, Display/Touch issue, speaker issue, and software issues, for such issues or any other related issues, Repairtech cannot guarantee your data in the device while submitting. In any situation, Repairtech is not responsible for data loss in your device for the above listed* Issues.

Servicing Period

Generally, service will be done within 2 working days by the time the device arrives at our Repairtech office and is subject to parts availability. The time may increase even if the device is in observation.

Mandatory Docs to be presented

You must present a copy of the initial invoice, receipt or bill of sale to the purchase of this product or attachment. Failing to provide such documents will lead to disapproval of your product to get serviced from Repairtech.