How to locate a lost or stolen Android phone?

How to find lost mobile

Lost your Android smartphone or tablet? Do not panic: Google has just made available to owners of Android devices a utility to find his device. Clearly, if you lost your Android smartphone or tablet, you can now locate your device. And if someone stole it from you, you can even erase the contents of the phone or tablet remotely. The arrival of the Android Device Manager is very good news.

Find your Android phone or tablet
find your android phone on maps

Step One: Go to the Google Utility to locate his Android device. Your different devices are displayed: phone, tablet ...You can rename your devices. The tool will automatically attempt to locate the device of your choice. You then visualize its geographical position on a map. The service has just come out and should be fully functional at the end of the month (currently, the position is not always recovered, all depends on the model).

Ring your phone to find it
check the recent security events

You can also ring your phone remotely. This is particularly useful for finding your phone if it is nearby. And Google is clever: if your smartphone is in silent mode, it will still sound at full volume! The tool is therefore more efficient than a simple call from another phone. Tablets can also ring to be found.

Clear content remotely

If your phone has been stolen, unfortunately you have little chance of finding it. Nevertheless, you can erase all the data it contains, remotely. A good way to protect your personal data, photos and documents stored on your Android device. To enable the feature, you must first authorize Google to restore the factory configuration. Go to the Google Settings app on your smartphone or tablet and check the box. In this way, if in the future you lose your phone or if you are the victim of a theft, you can erase your data in a few clicks.

Tools to protect yourself

Fortunately, in the face of loss and theft, dedicated applications are multiplying. Whether for Apple, Android or Blackberry, there are many technical solutions to protect your phone ... Although we know that applying them, there is little chance of recovering it.

On iOS, "locate my iPhone"

This is one of the features brought by Appleas the evolution of its operating system evolves. Only obligation: the application must be activated in the iCloud settings of its device. Once installed on another device, the application determines in real time the location of your phone. But do not dream too much ... The app is also known to thieves. Only possibility, make it ring, write a message or erase all data remotely. That's not bad. For safety, this last operation must be reproduced two or three times.

Android: Android Device Manager

Developed in 2013 by Google, this little program is comparable to that of Apple. But it is easier to use because it is active in the preferences of the machine. The geographical location is fast. Here too we can erase the data remotely. But a more sophisticated application can render services as well. Cerberus AntitheftAnti-Theft is well known to those who travel a lot. You can take pictures at the same time without the "new" owner noticing. Read the mails or SMS and find the new data’s entered by the "borrower". Another advantage of this application: the user is instantly notified if a new SIM card is inserted into the device. Better, in case of reformatting it can be reinstalled automatically (with his account) to regain control of the phone.

On Android, a large number of third-party applications offer identical services, often more developed than the basic versions. Note, Samsung Dive, brand-specific or Lookout

Windows Phone: light but effective

Here too we "locate the phone" on a map, we erase the data and track the movement of the phone. The software is simple but effective. Usable with its Windows Live ID, it has a mirror on all PCs and tablets with windows. Attention, all this works only if a SIM card is present in the phone.

Blackberry Protect

This is one of the oldest applications, not in the developed technology, but in the service provided to the user. Fully integrated in Blackberry 10, this new versionperforms the same functions as its competitors: locate, erase data, send a message ... In previous versions, you had to download the app on the BlackBerry App World. This version has additional features such as wireless copy of the address book, messages, SMS as well as professional data (calendars, mark page ...). Very useful to rebuild his new smartphone.

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