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Top 5 Things To Know Before Fixing Smartphone Top

1: Making the difference between an LCD screen and touch screen If most smartphones have recent screens assembled, that is to say that the LCD panel forms a block with the touch screen, there are still some models where the two can separate.....

When and where is a mobile phone repair worthwhile

Modern cell phones are expensive. All the more annoying if the device is defective. Sometimes it is the battery that does not charge properly after the warranty expires. Sometimes the display is splintered after falling to the ground...

Is your android mobile is not working fine ?check with the possible troubleshooting

Android mobile that's certainly possess In the Event You Prefer to reboot the Hand-set but perhaps and as Soon as the device will not begin,Anyway it is more probable that the phone ...

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Display or battery broken? With these tips you can repair your smartphone yourself

Smartphones are packed with high-tech in the smallest of spaces. But a small fall is often enough to do the worst: A cracked display is often a comparatively easy to repair damage

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Things you need to know before smartphone repair

What is a defect? How long may the phone repair take? Does the affected customer have to continue to pay the basic charges for his mobile phone contract? Questions about questions

Three ways to make your smartphone waterproof

It's summer, you wander around the pool ... and your smartphone falls into the water. Obituary. Because prevention is better than cure, here are three solutions to make your phone waterproof