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  • july 12, 2019

When and where is a mobile phone repair worth while

mobile display replacement

Modern cell phones are expensive. All the more annoying if the device is defective. Sometimes it is the battery that does not charge properly after the warranty expires. Sometimes the display is splintered after falling to the ground. And there are also stories in which the device was accidentally bathed in water or in a beer glass. Whether you then buy a new phone or repair it depends on several factors: "If the device is already two years old and was priced in the lower or middle segment, a repair is rarely worthwhile. The platform specializes in information about telephony. "Even a cheap entry-level model is usually not repairable". In principle, however, it depends on the estimated amount of the repair costs. Costs a new device 20,000/-rupees, but the repair is more than 8,000/- rupees, should you think about buying a new device. Maybe that has at least more features, a better camera or more battery life than the previous model. There are also cases in which a repair should be more expensive than a new smartphone. In the case of the expensive devices, it is worthwhile, at least in most cases, to have the display replaced. In addition, there is an exception to these rules of thumb: "The iPhone is very stable in value. It's worth repairing even with older devices. "

Where to get repaired?

Those who decide to repair them are spoiled for choice: send the device to the manufacturer, give it to a mobile phone doctor on site or look for a repair service online? It depends: If, for example, the headphone socket is broken by mistake and the device is still in the warranty period, the dealer is the right contact person. Because he has to repair it then for free.

Otherwise, if the display was broken by a fall: Then the owner has to stand up for it and can take the service provider who suits him. But even then, the choice of the right provider depends on several factors: For example, if you are looking for an assistant from the Internet, you usually have to specify what is broken in the network.In addition, one must know that rare original parts are installed, if one gives his device to a different supplier than the manufacturer. Because the manufacturers usually do not give out their original parts. This can have a negative impact on the value of a subsequent resale, at least

"Before you decide on a workshop, you should also clarify whether the repairer gives a warranty on his work". Otherwise you pay in case of doubt, a lot of money for a repair that does not lead to the desired success."It makes sense to inquire about the chances of success of the repair". Some repairs are complex and time-consuming and still do not reach their destination. Then a new purchase would be more useful.

On the Internet you will also find repair instructions for do-it-yourself. However, you should at least refrain from it, if there is still warranty for the device.

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What you should consider before the repair

Very important: save data! In fact, apps, pictures and credentials can be deleted during a repair. That's why it makes sense to back-up the device before leaving it in someone else's hands.

It is also useful to first call the manufacturer and ask what a repair costs. Such a cost estimate is always important, because only so can find out whether the repair is worthwhile at all. It may not be more expensive than the cellphone doctor around the corner, but you get original parts. If you call the manufacturer, you must have the 15-digit IMEI, the identification number. You usually get it when typing # 06 # on the device.

Before giving away your cell phone, you should also ask how many days the repair will take. If it takes more than a day or two, it makes sense to inform the friends and family that you cannot be reached for a few days.

And who has to send in the mobile phone, should definitely choose the insured shipping. Only Authorized mobile service companieslike Repairtech and Repairtech have picked up the device at Customer’s home and bring it back after the repair.

Incidentally, We have tested various manufacturers and service providers for mobile phone repairs. The result is available on the internet: Insurance is not worthwhile Especially for mobile phones, there are also insurance. But beware! Compared to performance, they are often expensive. Especially if they exclude display breakage, for example. It is better and cheaper to handle the expensive device carefully and possibly put it in a protective case.

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