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  • August 17, 2019

Top 5 things to know before fixing smartphoneTop

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Top 1: Making the difference between an LCD screen and touch screen

If most smartphones have recent screens assembled, that is to say that the LCD panel forms a block with the touch screen, there are still some models where the two can separate. This is particularly the case on many tablets ( iPad or Galaxy Tab ) or portable consoles too. The assembled screens require sharp tools and LCD separators not necessarily profitable for the occasional do-it-yourselfers, to be disassembled (as for example the screens iPhone or the last Samsung Galaxy) . In this case, whether it is simply a problem of tactile reactivity or of display, or even of cracked screen, there is no other solution than to replace the complete block of screen.

But on many devices, it is always possible to separate the screen from the glass, so it is interesting to identify the room to change depending on the problems encountered

How do I know if my LCD screen is broken? If the display is poor, if the colors are abnormal, black spots or color lines appear, if the display is very dark / light or totally black while the unit is vibrating or ringing (is lit. ). How do I know if I only need to change my touch screen? If there is a shallow crack, if the touch is difficult to react on an area of the screen or does not work at all, if there are too many scratches that make the device unusable.

Top 2: Identify the component to change

It may sound silly, but want to repair his phone, tablet or console, it's good. But you still need to know where exactly the problem comes from! Often, it is a simple logical reasoning where it is necessary to proceed by elimination. The first reflex to have and who can avoid the repair is to update its OS and / or restore its device, because there may be a software bug or an app that runs no longer round. Of course, you have to remember to save all your data before

Otherwise, you have to ask simple questions that involve simple answers . For example :

  •   I can not take selfies anymore ? My camera is HS. Yes but which one? I know I keep my phone face to see my head selfie when taking the picture, so the front camera is used. So I have to replace the camera before .

  •   The power button remains depressed or does not respond? The button is physically broken? No, then the button is not in question, but the sheet that manages it is at fault
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  •   My smartphone does not emit any sound ? The speaker is involved. But which one? Do I have any sound when I call? Yes, so it is not the internal speaker / listener that transmits the voice of my interlocutors. On the other hand, I do not hear any more the music of my videos, it is thus the external speaker which poses problem. Be careful, you will see that the sound is broadcast at the bottom of the phone because this is where the speaker is located.

  •   My phone refuses to charge? This is a trick question because there are two possibilities. Either the battery is worn out and you have to change it, or you have to replace the charging connector (the micro USB / USB-C / lightning port). It can even happen that you have to replace both. If the autonomy of your device had been problematic for some time and you've had it for more than a year or two, it's a safe bet that the battery is tired. If your smartphone is no longer recognized by your computer and the range seems normal, then it is likely that the charging connector is to change. And so on.
    search trouble repair smartphone As you have understood, it is often necessary to proceed by elimination. There are problems where the solution seems logical, but sometimes it is necessary to eliminate the suspicious components in order to find the culprit! Moreover, our experts are there to help you in this search for breakdowns if you are a little lost, either by mail or on our forum :)
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Top 3: Act fast when your smartphone falls into the water

A stupid accident but that happens to a lot (really a lot a lot) of people! His smartphone that falls into the water, it's a real moment of panic but we must know the good gestures to save him from imminent death. Although many recent smartphones are "waterproof", they are actually not made to be immersed in water, but can withstand, more or less well, splashing or shallow immersion (under a tap for example) . Anyway, it is not possible to go back (no ctrl Z ... snif) , so have the right reflexes and keep your cool

First thing to do: rinse with demineralised water if it has fallen into "dirty" water. Yes it sounds strange, but it will limit corrosion. It should then be allowed to dry at room temperature, especially not dry with a hair dryer or radiator. The technique of rice is not necessarily useful ... The ideal is to disassemble the maximum of components (especially the battery to avoid short circuits) to let it dry

You do not have to put it in charge right away, wait a good day before relighting it. It can also be useful to carry out a good deoxidation to eliminate the traces of oxidation. Only after having deoxidized his smartphone it is possible to know if components have been damaged by immersion

Top 4: Have patience and use the right tools

It can not be repeated enough, to repair your smartphone, you must be patient, especially if it's your first time! But with the good advice , it is a maneuver quite feasible despite the urban legend, widely conveyed by the manufacturers of smartphones / tablets. To be able to get quietly into the smartphone repair, you just have to take your time , follow the good advice not to launch blindly in something that is not necessarily at first glance. That's why our team of Repairtech technicians has made thousands of repair tutorials to explain, step by step, how to repair your phone, tablet or console yourself and no longer depend on the manufacturer's service.

Most mobiles can be repaired with our universal tool kit , but there are also indispensable tools that are listed on each of our repair guides. You also have the possibility to equip you with more professional equipment if you have taken a liking to the telephone repair!

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But in any case, be aware that the screws used in a phone, are very small and even the most DIY of you, probably will not have suitable screwdrivers in their toolbox, especially for the iPhone or iPad since Apple does not like to do like everyone else, and uses a proprietary screw format, the pentalobe ...

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Top 5: Do not hesitate to have your smartphone repaired by a pro

ometimes the failure is much more complex than it seems and requires more advanced skills . Maybe even micro-welding on motherboard. 80% of breakdowns are easily repairable, but can lead to costs when we are not able to quickly identify the problem And beyond that, there are concerns that require specific knowledge. Micro-welding can solve most problems, but it is better to entrust it to a professional at the risk of permanently damaging its device.

And there are the cases where we dare not start. .. And it's not so bad in the background! The main thing is to make the move to repair your smartphone. Because it is more economical than buying a new one and it is also environmentally friendly since you do not unnecessarily throw a device in market condition. So no shame not to want to take the plunge, there are few professional smartphone repairers, who are here to revive and resurrect all your devices! Heroes of repair at hand, it would be stupid to deprive you

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