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  • july 12, 2019

Three ways to make your smartphone water proof

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It's summer, you wander around the pool ... and your smartphone falls into the water. Obituary. Because prevention is better than cure, here are three solutions to make your phone waterproof.

All year long, hundreds, if not thousands of smartphones die prematurely from an unfortunate fall in the water. Sinks, sinks, bathtubs, toilets and even bidets, so many murderers who are not even aware of it. During the summer, these habitual suspects get together with new accomplices: the pools and the sea, sometimes helped by a gust of wind.

Horror, horror of seeing his phone propelled by the One of your Various Morning, transformed into catapult under the effect of a gust, in the pool. Powerless, in your deckchair, a little haggard under the effect of the sun, you can only watch your digital life disappear slowly flowing to hit the mosaic covering the bottom of the pool.

To never have to suffer this ignominy, there is a solution: make your smartphone waterproof. How? Here are three options.

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1.   The customized option

There was a time when various companies offered waterproofing phones. It was very elegant, but not practical, as it could not be done at home. There are still sprays, but the thing seems much less reliable. As we have not tested, we will not advise.

From now on it will be necessary to fall back on more showy protections: waterproof shells. It's very simple, you put your phone in, we close the covers for the USB connector and the jack, and that's it. The phone is waterproof.

The problem is especially aesthetic since these shells are generally bulky and rarely of the best taste, but they have the merit of allowing a good seal while ensuring better protection against shocks. Fortunately, there are some quite blind. LifeProof hulls, reputed to be reliable and space-saving, can be recommended.

There are for the iPhone 5 and following as well as for the Galaxy S6, S7 and S8. They are however not the least expensive since they are negotiating between 3,000 and 5,000rupees at Amazon . Other brands are a little less expensive (less aesthetic), like Griffin for example. These tailor-made solutions have the advantage of being perfectly adapted, but for quite obvious reasons, difficult to propose for all the phones of the market.

2.   The versatile option

If more than 40% of Indian people do not have a smartphone Samsung or Apple, it will go through a universal protection. In reality, it is a kind of plastic bag that can be sealed. Something that is reminiscent of some accessories used in boating.

They have the merit of being cheaper and, icing on the cake, they can be used for anything other than your phone, like banknotes for example. The brands are numerous, so you will be spoiled for choice, make sure any IP standard indicated. We will recommend this iVoler protection, waterproof up to 10 meters, compatible with all phones under 6 inches, and offered for less than 15 at Amazon

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3.   The system option D

For those in a hurry and those who just want to limit the risks, there is finally a solution that we will call "system D": food bags "zip". Just a bag, a straw and a little address to get protection at little cost.

Place your smartphone in a bag of similar size to the terminal. Vacuum the air with straw. Once you have more or less evacuated the bag, remove the straw and close quickly

You now have a little homemade protection for your smartphone. Well, we should not swim with, but if by chance, your phone falls into the water and you get it quickly, it should not be damaged. Also avoid going out in public if you want to seduce on the beaches this summer.

If you ever have any problems with a broken phone, contactRepairtech for help.

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