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  • july 12, 2019

Things you need to know before smartphone repair

Realme  display replacement

What is a defect? How long may the phone repair take? Does the affected customer have to continue to pay the basic charges for his mobile phone contract?

Questions About Questions here are the answers:

mobile display replacement


When does the mobile phone qualify as defective when sold?

  •   The device does not have the warranted features.
  •   The mobile phone does not conform to the usual traffic conditions (example: the display only shows every second screen line)
  •   The product is not complete - it lacks about the power cord.

How long may the repair take?

As part of the warranty, you do not have to wait forever. Although there are no legally binding specifications, you should keep your cell phone or a replacement in your hands within two to three weeks at the latest. If the repair is too long, give the seller a final deadline (about a week). Threaten further legal action after deadline.

Do I have to pay for the mobile phone repair?

If it is a warranty case, you pay nothing. Because then the seller must bear the postage, spare parts and labor costs. In the case of warranty, possible costs depend on the specific warranty conditions. For example, only the material costs can be covered by the guarantee, you have to pay the wages for the installation of the parts yourself.

Will I get a rental phone during the repair?

No, a general claim does not exist. However, a clever dealer offers you out of self-interest - and avoids any possible claims for repair delay on the assumption of the basic fee for your mobile phone contract.

Who pays the basic fee during the repair?

Very tricky. The network operators or service providers ensure you in the contract only to participate in their mobile services - from functioning mobile phones is not mentioned. You therefore have to pay the basic fee incurred during the repair yourself. However, if the remedy of the defect or the replacement delivery takes an unreasonably long time (several weeks), a claim for damages against the dealer may arise. It looks better if your mobile phone purchase with the network operator or service provider was directly linked to the conclusion of a mobile phone contract. Then you could - at least theoretically - refuse to pay the basic fee. The sticking point in each case is the legal enforcement - but the effort is usually worthwhile in view of the low amounts.
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Do I get a brand new phone as a replacement?

Replacement warranty or warranty does not mean that you will automatically receive a new phone. It can also be a fully functional used device. Nevertheless, the original rights and claims periods continue to apply.

Is a mobile phone insurance worthwhile?

Rather not. Although the mobile phone insurance does not only in case of damage, but often in case of theft. Nevertheless, the bottom plays usually pays off only for an expensive model. These are Basic plans for mobile insurance:

  •   Plan Rs.799/- for device value of Rs.4,000/- to Rs.10,000/-
  •   Plan Rs.1,199/- for device value of Rs.10,001/- to Rs.15,000/-
  •   Plan Rs.1,799/- for device value of Rs.15,001/- to Rs.20,000/-
  •   Plan Rs.2,399/- for device value of Rs.20,001/- to Rs.80,000/-

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