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  • july 12, 2019

These five signs suggest that it is time for you to change your new mobile phone.

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Repairtech   Digital (Words) Many people have such an impression. It seems that a new flagship will soon appear on the market. The continuous availability of new mobile phones has also made our hearts tickle. People are changing their mobile phones more and more frequently. It is very difficult for a mobile phone to be used for several years as before. Now many users are changing for two years or even one year.

According to the latest statistics, most smart phone users do have a period of about two years to upgrade their mobile phones. The specific figure is 22.7 months, and ordinary users are more willing to replace their mobile phones. In addition, since most of the operator's contract machines are for two years, it is time for replacement. Everyone knows that it is time to change handsets.

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1.   Cannot upgrade the latest version of the system

Usually the Android flagship product can be upgraded to the latest version within two years of release, so when you purchase a Samsung Galaxy flagship, you can also use the next two versions of the system.
However, it is worth noting that most vendors prefer to consider flagship products when upgrading products, while mid-range and entry-level devices tend to support speeds that are not as timely. Of course, this situation does not apply to Apple, Apple's most equipment can upgrade the new system the first time. In addition, compared with the two-year upgrade cycle for Android phones, the iPhone has a longer support period, which is usually 3 generations

It is not important whether the latest version of the system is used. In fact, it depends on different users. For some people, this is a big thing, and some people do not care that much.

Of course, the latest version of the system can bring the latest features and the most secure protection, so on the Android platform, we still recommend that you use the latest version of the system. Especially in terms of security, updating the system will fix previous bugs and prevent their devices from being used. The latest version can provide a degree of protection, to avoid greater harm caused by loopholes.

For us, how do you check if your device supports upgrading a new system? First of all, you can check the announcement on the official website of the manufacturer. Generally speaking, the end of system update support is one of the main means for manufacturers to urge users to change their mobile phones. So everyone can go to their own vendor's website to see if their device supports the Android Oreo version system.

2.   The performance slowly decline

We all marveled at its speed and feel when the smartphone was just bought. However, over time, the equipment in the hands does not feel as fast as it once did, and even the frame rate of the game seems to fall. The daily operation of the interface is more and more frequent and the waiting time is longer. What happened?

In the installation camp, the decline in smartphone performance is a very controversial topic. Many people believe that this is the cause of the user's reasons, because the installation of a large number of applications for many years and months, resulting in the emergence of more and more junk files, occupy a lot of space, there are still many applications running in the background. However, some people think that although a large number of applications are installed is one of the reasons, but the decline in performance is mainly due to fragmented file management.It is reported that the document management system will make the documents messy and dispersed over a period of time.

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The reality is that applications are becoming larger, more complex and more resource intensive. Maybe your mobile phone could run the current version of the application two years ago without any problems, but in these two years, these applications are constantly improving, adding new features and putting more pressure on your phone. In addition, software and firmware upgrades are optimized for more powerful devices, and your phone will have an impact on the user experience because it does not have an updated API.

Therefore, although the flagship you bought in 2015 can be upgraded to Android Oreo, it does not mean that it is best suited for hardware and user experience. If your phone has been in use for a few years and can't afford software and system pressure, then you can consider replacing your new phone.

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3.   Shorter and shorter life time

In addition to the screen and camera, battery life is also an important factor in our selection of a product. For some people, this may be a more important function. As the performance of smart phones becomes more and more powerful, the batteries inside them are also under increasing pressure. In addition, each time you charge your smartphone's battery, it will cause the battery to decay to a certain degree. In fact, not just smart phones, energy attenuation is a common problem faced by all lithium battery products.

From the moment you start using your new mobile phone, the capacity will be reduced for each charge. At the same time, the battery has only a certain number of charging cycles.When we start charging the phone and it is full or over 70%, after 250 cycles, the smartphone battery capacity will drop to 84% to 73%. If you charge the phone every day, the attenuation will be faster.

All the features of a smartphone require a strong amount of power as a guarantee. Especially for those products that cannot replace the battery, once the battery performance is severely degraded, it also proves that you should replace the new one.

4.   The Display aging

There will be aging problems on the display screen, which is knowledge that everyone knows. When the screen displays content for a long time, it will appear similar to burning screen or afterimages. In particular, the emergence of such problems directly leads to the unusable mobile phones.

If you want to check if your phone screen has this problem, you can find a pure white picture and watch it full screen. Look for blurred traces on the screen. If you see something, it shows that burning or aging has occurred. The most common location on Android phones is the location of the virtual navigation buttons, which are most easily burned because the pixels display the same content for a long time.

If you're using an OLED screen, it's almost an inevitable problem. Many smart phone manufacturers are solving or alleviating this problem through various methods. For example, Samsung will automatically adjust the screen so that the fixed icons and buttons on the screen can be moved in a small range periodically, even in pixels. This adjustment every 1 minute will make these locations not show the same content for a long time.

Ordinary LCD screens are not easy to burn, but for OLED screen users, this is a problem that must be paid attention to. If an OLED screen device is used for two years, it is very likely that there will be more or less this phenomenon. If you have a problem with your phone screen, it's time to change your phone

5.   Appearance bumps

If the phone in your hand is used for a long time, it is very likely to be scarred now. The screen crashed, followed by various bumps. Although these do not affect the normal use of mobile phones, broken glass sometimes affects us. The more serious problem is that if the screen glass is broken and the touch operation is affected, it is also possible to cut the finger.

Dropping can also damage the internal components of the smart phone, causing internal components to move or the interface to loosen. Even though it can be used normally for a short period of time, over time, the camera is disconnected from the main board and cannot be photographed or recorded. The USB interface is loose. Causes unable to charge and so on.

Of course, using a smart phone, sooner or later will start to wear bumps, these are inevitable things. But when these damages affect the use experience, they find it better to replace a new mobile phone. Although some people can make do with it, in most cases these are things that will be done sooner or later.And more than 2 years of mobile phones, most have been over the warranty period.

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The above five phenomena can be the reason for us to replace the new aircraft. But there are some other reasons that can make us feel we should change to a new cell phone. Of course, if you don't want to change it, maybe it's because you don't want it. Some people choose not to upgrade the new system and try their best to maintain their original status. They are not willing to spend more money.

Of course, when you use a two-year-old mobile phone and then spend money on a new mobile phone, you will find that the operating experience between the world and the difference. But for those friends who are accustomed to changing smart phones once a year, even if there are no such indications, the time has come.

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