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  • july 12, 2019

These 10 ways to protect your Android phone from hacking

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Smartphones have now become an integral part of people’s daily lives. People often use smart phones to shop, order food, call taxis, book movie tickets, complete various transaction payment services, and so on. In other words, people often store a large amount of secret information in smart phones, such as various passwords and debit card details. However, when smart phones bring great convenience to people's lives, people often do not pay much attention to the security of data stored in smart phones. Of course, although smart phones themselves have built many security solutions, these solutions are not enough to protect hackers. Therefore, users may wish to try the following 10 tips and programs that can help Android smartphone users avoid hackers.

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1.   Set the PIN / password in the lock screen

Users should often use PINs or passwords to protect their smartphones. The addition of this security measure by the user on the smart phone will provide a great protection. If the user is a person with a very forgetful password, then it doesn't matter. The user can also use the lock mode instead of setting the password protection mode.

2.   lock the application on the device

Simply using a password often does not achieve full security. Users should also use passwords to lock individual apps (especially apps like mobile wallets and online shopping). There are many ways to deal with this problem. For example, some smartphones have built-in locking applications. Some applications such as Paytm also have built-in locking features. In addition, Google PlayStore also has a large number of third-party security applications that users can use to lock individual applications.

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3.   Download the application from a trusted source

Users should only download applications from a reliable and secure source such as Google PlayStore. In addition, if users want to download certain applications, be sure to review the security level of these applications and the user's comments before clicking the Download button. Reviewing the privacy policies of these applications is also often a matter that users must complete before downloading.

4.   Read the application license carefully before downloading the application

This should be another important step that users keep in mind. When a user downloads an app from Google PlayStore, he or she should ensure that he or she has read all the relevant information that the app can use. For example, if a payment application is connected to the camera of the user's mobile phone, then you obviously should know what information is not needed and what should not be done.

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5.   . Download Android device manager

We believe that Android Device Manager is one of the most useful applications Google has launched so far. If the user loses his Android smart phone, the Android device manager can help the user to locate the mobile phone. This application is very convenient and can help users track and recover lost and even stolen Android devices. In addition, this application also allows the factory to remotely reset the device, as long as the appropriate function is configured in advance.

6.   Must install GoogleAuthenticator (GoogleAuthenticator) application

Users can place their hopes on the Google verification application to add more security measures to various accounts in their smartphones. Google's application can set up a two-tier authentication scheme. This application allows users to easily obtain a time-limited verification code when they log in to the account, and then activate two-tiered verification on this basis. One of the best features of Google verification apps is to be able to work offline and even play a role on some non-Google devices.

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7.   Download anti-virus applications

This sounds very easy, but it is one of the important actions that users should follow. After all, the user’s smart phone often stores a lot of important information. Therefore, users must install an anti-virus application on their smartphones.

8.   Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks

Whenever possible, avoid using public Wi-Fi networks. After all, you can never be sure that these public networks are 100% secure. In addition, users should also ensure that their mobile phones do not automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks within the scope of the license. Also, the user should cut off the Wi-Fi network without using a wireless network.

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9.   Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks

First of all, the user should ensure that the device is set to the "undiscoverable device mode" in the Bluetooth setting function. This is mainly because if the user is always set to the discoverable mode, the user's smartphone is more likely to become the target of hacker attacks. Like Wi-Fi, if you don't need it, Bluetooth should be turned off.

10.   Never root mobile phone

No matter how much impulse you have, don't root your own smartphone. Although the root mobile phone will have some advantages, but also know that this will make their smartphones more vulnerable to malware attacks. The root phone equals the highest authority to any one person.

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