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  • july 12, 2019

Is your Mobile Water Resistant? If not! We got the best way to do it

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Nowadays everyone is using and looking to buy latest & updated premium phones and in meanwhile they look into all tech specifications of the gadget and a lot of people won’t look for whether the device is water-resistant or waterproof or splash-proof. Until they face situations like Monsoon season or holly or any amusement parks, they won’t think about whether their device is waterproof or not.
device is not water-resistant then hurry today! We got the best solution for you to make your device waterproof (i.e. IPx7) within 10mins.

Yes! It’s true, we will turn your device into a water-resistant device that can sustain for 30min in water till 3mts depth. Before explaining more about the process, let me tell you what this IP is and what are different types of IPs.

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IP stands for ingress protection and in general, there are 3 different types of IP versions:

  • 1.   IP8 gives protection against immersion of water
  • 2.   IP7 gives protection against strong sprays of water
  • 3.   IP6 gives protection against Dust

Other than these some manufacturing companies even say their devices are scratch proof and also splash-proof. Here we will turn your device into an IPx7 protected device.

General Process:-

  In general, if your mobile gets soaked in water or it gets wet during rainfall or some festival celebrations and sometimes when you’re in amusement park, the first thing you have to do is turn off the device and remove the sim trays and then dry the phone for some time.

  Then place all the removed trays and try to turn on the device, nowadays all the mobiles are coming with an in-built battery, so we can’t do anything more than that.

  If your device doesn’t respond properly then you are in big trouble now, since the device is damaged due to water there will be no warranty’s applicable for that and in some cases the touch issue arises.

  But if you don’t want to get into trouble like the above situation here is the best solution.

Advanced Process:

  In this process, all you have to do is bring your device to us and you need to wait for 10mins, that’s it! After the respective time, your device turns into IPx7 resistant mobile

  Advantages: Don’t worry and think whether my phone is waterproof or not, after completing this process we will check your functionality by placing it in water and everything will be done in front of you only


No, this process does not void the warranty of the device.


  If you’re in monsoon season then no one can expect when the rainfall will come and what happens to your mobile when it gets wet, so you will get rid of these unusual conditions by turning your device into waterproof from us.

  If you’re on a trip or in any amusement parks everyone wants to capture the best moments while they are enjoying but it is not possible in all places, but if you turn your device into waterproof from us.

  Some Manufacturers provide water resistance phones, but whenever you open the phone or change parts in the phone the outer resistance layer will be reduced but we use the Nanotechnology layer to make your phone water-resistant, so the layer won’t reduce even if some were replaced in the device


This Nano Technology coating is only for the accidental purpose and the following points tell us how many layers of coating can save your mobile from water damage.

  • 1 layer   2-3 times accidentally*
  • 2 layers   4-6 times accidentally
  • 3 layers   8-10 times accidentally
  • 4 layers   12-15 times accidentally*
  • 5 layers   15- 18 times accidentally*

* This applies only when your phone in good condition.

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