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  • july 12, 2019

How to extend the battery life of your devices?

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How frustrating when the battery of your smartphone, laptop or tablet does not seem to charge properly! Did you know that you can extend the life of your batteries by optimally treating them during their lifetime? In fact, a battery can be compared to a pet. We will tell you more about the "behavior" of batteries and how to extend their life

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Your battery does not have a "memory"

For the older generation of batteries (nickel-cadmium), it was advisable to always use them until they are completely empty and then recharge them to 100%. This was necessary because these batteries "memorized" the amount of energy charged. During subsequent charges, they could only store the same amount of energy previously loaded.
The current generation of lithium-ion batteries works the opposite way: they can be damaged if they are completely empty or 100% charged. Do not panic: for safety reasons, most devices turn off automatically when the battery is not completely empty yet and stops charging when the 100% is almost reached. Nevertheless, it is always better

  •   Charge your battery when it has reached about 40%,

  •   Stop charging the battery when the meter shows about 80%,

  •   Follow the instructions above if you are not sure whether your device has a "battery control system" or BMS

  •   Do not leave the device charged overnight.

Load a limited number of times
You can charge a limited number of times the lithium-ion battery of your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The charging capacity decreases each time the battery is completely empty. It is therefore better to charge the device before the battery is empty so that the device turns itself off. Turn off the device completely from time to time as these periods of rest also extend the battery life.

Always the right temperature

We have already explained to you that you must take care of the batteries like a pet. The same goes for temperature. The battery cannot be too hot, nor too cold: it is the ambient temperature it prefers. Your device heats up automatically when you charge it.

Cheap chargers may cost you

Did you know that inexpensive chargers and chargers cable manufacturers do not always sell consistent quality? These devices can damage your smartphone or, in the worst case, cause a short circuit. So be careful and use an original cable / charger - or at least approved - to charge your smartphone.You will recognize cheap or substandard cables / chargers that they get very hot during charging (much hotter than the original charger or cable), which may indicate that they are not sized to run this task.

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Always leave a laptop connected to its charging cable: yes or no?

And what about laptops? Is it good to always plug it into its charger when you're working? Even if the battery is charged for a long time? The answer is: yes, absolutely! Your battery automatically stops charging once it is 100%. From now on, your laptop is plugged into the mains and the battery is ready to take over once you remove the plug. However, it is recommended that you periodically unplug the laptop from the power grid and use the battery so that it can perform its job properly.
It's even better that Li-ion batteries in laptops are more "full" than "empty": it's much easier to charge 70 to 100% than 10% to 40%.

Keep it cool

The battery of a laptop does not like hot weather. So install it on a hard surface and not on a cushion or blanket. This way, you will not block the openings of the ventilation which must keep the battery cold.
Are you sitting on a couch or bed with your laptop on your lap? Consider buying a small coffee table designed specifically to use the laptop in an armchair or on a bed and "keep it cool". Once the battery has reached the end of its life after good and loyal service, drop it off at a Repairtech . We will recycle it and offer it a new life in a multitude of surprising applications.

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