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  • july 12, 2019

Display or battery broken? With these tips you can repair your smartphone yourself

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Smartphones are packed with high-tech in the smallest of spaces. But a small fall is often enough to do the worst: A cracked display is often a comparatively easy to repair damage. If the device is sent to the manufacturer, the repair often takes weeks and can sometimes be very expensive.

But even free service providers often demand horrendous prices for the repairs. No wonder, hardly anyone dares to disassemble the expensive technical equipment itself. It may well be worth thinking about a repair attempt on your own.

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1.  What is needed for the repair?

The smartphones are built very differently - but most have in common to be held together with small screws and glued in many places. That's why it needs matching tools - different screwdrivers and a very thin spatula.

In addition, it is advisable to get a repair manual for his mobile phone model - often found on the Smartphone repair artcles. On video portals like Youtube can be found to many devices repair instructions. But as with everything the Internet gives you, you should be careful. One cannot rely on the instructions being created seriously.

Anyone who has previously had the experience of showing little craftsmanship, should also refrain from the repair of the phone on their own. But even talented people need to know that not all repairs on the phone are recommended for the layman, as some are complex and require expertise.

2.  Display broken

If a smartphone falls to the ground, the housing or display is usually damaged first. Depending on the model, parts of the housing can be bought and changed easily. The screens are more complicated."Displays are often a glued unit consisting of a pane, a touch screen and often the display frame," "It is difficult to separate them without damaging the other components." Adhesive can be removed by heating it with a hair dryer.

But beware: If the heat is too high, plastic parts may bend so that they will not fit anymore. Replacement displays have a large market. While many manufacturers also offer their original displays as spare parts, Apple's devices require a display from another company to be purchased. For many providers who provide repair instructions online, you can also order complete sets of spare parts and tools needed.

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3.  Battery broken

Often the battery fails with a smartphone first. If it is not glued, it can be easily replaced. When dealing with batteries, however, the expert advises extreme caution: If the battery is bent or otherwise damaged during the change, it could inflate and in the worst case even catch fire. Even when buying replacement batteries, it is advisable to look at reputable dealers and to be cautious with cheap offers.

4.  Camera broken

It is also conceivable replacement of the camera, if you can penetrate to the appropriate module and this can also remove. Again, it is often glued instead of screwed to save costs and weight. Since cameras are very small and mounted directly on the board, surrounding components could easily be damaged when changing.

5.  Replace circuit board

Keyword board: "An exchange is worthwhile in the rarest case, since it alone is very expensive". If the board or processor is broken, a complete new purchase must be considered. In general, the more expensive the repair, the more likely it is worthwhile to visit a specialist. If possible, repairs should first be tested on an older device, so that the damage is not so high in case of errors.

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